Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Nate Ruess.

Nate Ruess makes me really happy.

So do his stupid little frumpy, adorable outfits and inability to wear socks. And his innate ability to ROCK.

(I was in a terrible mood last night. Drawing these stupid things cheers me up so hard, you don't even know.)


For those who aren't aware, Fun. is fabulous and wonderful and sweet and happy and made of sunshine and cupcakes and cigarettes and copious alcohol consumption and beautiful tantrums. This.

Nate's earlier project, The Format, is also highly recommended.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

speaking of artistic license. um.

you are my anchor

I'm pretty sure that when Man Without Wax put You are my anchor on their band shirts, they meant it in the nice way.
...Sorry, guys.

My appreciation for their music and for how much it inspires my all-night drawing extravaganzas kinda defies words. ♥

Shameless plugging goes here-
Show some love if it's your thing.
Kansas City Shuffle
He's A Wrecking Machine!!!

june 2011

Two more for the Into The Woods set. (And I post in the order they were drawn, not the order of the chapters. Just... FYI. Like it matters.)

I feel like at this point it's mostly pointless/redundant to state just how completely I employ the term "loosely based upon", but for posterity. VERY. VERY LOOSELY BASED UPON.


Strums straw into gold and doles out free relationship advice.

The Pea Episode

Zombie princes are the best princes.
Artistic license blah blah excuse to draw creepy veiny organ-chair blah.

and night comes to Tallahassee

This just sort of happened while I was listening to Oceanographer's Choice on repeat. John Darnielle writes some of my most very favorite words.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

mikeyway: unicorn warrior pt2 (march 2011)

somehow i forgot to post this. oops.

apparently gerard way made mention awhile back about wanting fan's pictures of mikey to hang in his garage or... something..? because that's not sorta creepy and codependent (in a simultaneously sweet, endearing way.). anyway, i'm a victim of peer pressure.

i was coerced.

(top right raptor is totally gerard in dino-form. like, all HEY-HEEEEY THERE, HEEEEY! :D??)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

stupid comics: vices & virtues- IT CAME.

it all started with this ad in the february issue of alternative press.

i'm continually stuck between running out to buy bottled water and canned goods for the bomb shelter, and making every dirty joke i can think of. it's a hard life.

so, without further ado and in no particular order-

Vices & Virtues: It Came
with your host, Ryan Ross.

ready to go

yes, ryan's smoking a bubble pipe. no, i refuse to draw shane drake and his smarmy little goatee.

the calendar

sometimes a band will release a song. and i will listen to that song. and i will think, "who the fuck told you that lyric was a good idea?"
at night your body is a symphony, and iiii'mmmmm conduuuuctinnnnng!~


gay or stagegay, whatever. i don't care so long as the band all has hearts-eyes for each other. is that too much to ask?
cameo by jon walker.

sarah smiles the mariachi apocalypse

so sue me, i wanted to draw ryland blackington and alex suarez making out in tutus. we all have needs.

trade mistakes

cameo by pete wentz. you're welcome.


it's a METAPHOR, guys. a METAPHOR.

let's kill tonight

no really. i guess the academy is... had their pseudo-breakup a couple weeks ago via twitter, and their drummer, the butcher, spent most of the day crying. via twitter. and posting memory after poignant memory in 140 characters or less. there are reasons i follow these people. stark contrast to the 2009 panic-split of infamous, bitchy legend.


or something.

nearly witches

yeah. neither did i.
i do, however, frequently wonder if there is a store that would sell me both a princess getup and a bubble pipe. and how i might get there. and if they have coupons.

the ballad of mona lisa

ta dah.

stupid comics: the baywatch thing

one day i woke up to the words, "ryan ross in a baywatch swimsuit".

need i explain further?

"...y'know, i'm kind of a rockstar."